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When you need a component supplier with expertise in the automotive industry and a record of world-class service and quality, then A1 Fastener & Components is the partner for you. For more than 15 years, A1 has provided competitively priced, flexible, responsive solutions that reduce costs, improve business processes and help ensure you know where your parts are and where your money is going.

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    If you need an automotive component—standard or made-to-print, A1 can get it for you.

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    Components and fasteners are only part of what we provide.

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    We don’t believe efficiency should mean sacrificing quality.

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    What's Hot?

    A1 Receives Quality Award

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  • Ford welcomes workers back with re-entry program Ford last fall launched the Career Re-Entry Program, which offers six-month assignments in product development, information technology and manufacturing jobs.
  • Henrik Fisker's comeback powered by new battery Automotive design maven Henrik Fisker's new venture might be less about the automobile than the technology that will power it.
  • Will NASCAR go electric? NASCAR, a powerful marketing platform, could help automakers sell mainstream America on the electric vehicle. But getting the NASCAR fan base to accept whirring electric motors in place of roaring engines will take time.
  • Infineon to invest $1.9 billion in Austrian chip plant Infineon will spend 1.6 billion euros ($1.9 billion) over six years to build a new factory in Austria, in a bet on rising demand for semiconductors that go in everything from electric cars to wind turbines.
  • BMW expands UK vehicle recall to 390,000 cars BMW is expanding a recall of vehicles in Britain by 88,000 cars to a total of 390,000. The move comes in the wake of a BBC investigation that found some vehicles could cut out completely while being driven.